Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can't Get It Up?

Hey it happens to everyone...

No little blue pills, but a rainy afternoon is keeping us from seeing how the wings sit in the mount. There is a bit of concern that the lovely tolerance that made the spars so easy to insert, is making life hard for other reasons. It will not be an issue. As long as the system is stiff once it is bolted together. There is some concern that the foam may crush under side-load. That could be fixed but I do not see a good solution that will work.

The fix if necessary is a wing root cap. That is probably a good idea under most circumstances. However, what could it hold to? The thing that was great about the design was that it had little in the way of internal structure, it is foam after all. That may be limiting the usable weight in the end because you cannot make strong mounts between primary parts.

We will see. At the moment I cam going to see if 0.060" piece of Aluminum sheet will tip the system in the right direction. It may need more like 0.090"  to correct the wing tip height. I can't see that until it stops raining enough to take it outside and measure it. Ten foot wingspan makes it problematic to measure in the house. Oh yeah, it is being built in a 900ft^2 apartment that I live in at the same time. It is a good drill for the initial facilities that I will have in CZ. I will dream of the day of such a large place.

More to come...