Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countour HD Helmet Cam

We are looking into using the Contour HD helmet cam as the data source for some GIS experiments. After a detailed review of available products, we found the Contour. It is a well-received  and rugged helmet cam aimed at mountain biking and snowboarding. Out of the box, it is a well built camera with an interesting rubberized back cover that gives access to the battery and the memory card in one flip of the thumb.

I will see about posting the movies that were shot with the camera. The output is a QuickTime movie, that we will feed to virtual dub. Virtualdub will strip the frames out of the movie so that we can analyze frames to look for patterns in the vegetation. The goal is to make a semi-automated habitat estimator and/or plant specie histogram.

As my batteries run low at dinner, I promise more interesting things to come.