Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stereographic Vision

I have been messing with the AForge library now for a week. It is the best known and rated .net image processing library. Everyone has tried CV and getting the interop wrappers to work is tough. I have given up several times myself trying to just get all of the constants wrapped.

I have been working on a version of their two camera tracking system. My cameras are a bit lager pixel counts than his, and I think that is where some of my timing issues are coming from. I think that the other piece that is beating me at the moment is the revisualization part of it. I think my composited movie needs to be output through the player control or just written to disk. I will have to monkey around with it. It may turn out that the movie meeds to go 360p or something to this effect and increase the frame rate.

I am pretty sure that it is not a processing power thing, more about crappy code on my part. If the frames are smaller, my inefficient algorithms will probably be less impacted. I may also have some other ideas on how to composite the video, frame-wise may also be a bit on the slow side. Let's go for snappy. I have enough to do what the original project was intended for. It can track an object in the scene. Now, I need to get it up so that I can pick which object to track.

Will keep everyone posted.